Popular trek is the Kalsubai Peak trek, in the Sahyadri Mountains. It can be reached from both Mumbai or Pune. It offers breathtaking views of a variety of natural environments such as waterfalls, forests and grasslands, as well historic forts.

Visitors from surrounding villages visit the Kalsubai Temple on the summit’s peak all year. They come to seek the blessings Kalsubai Devi. Kalsubai was a young girl from a village who lived in the mountains. She helped out with village activities, and cared for villagers and animals. She climbed to the top and never returned. A small temple was dedicated to her in the mountains near her mountain home. The main Kalsubai temple is located on the peak.

●       The Base Village Itself is where your adventure begins

It’s all about discovering. Trekking is not about having the most amazing adventures. What about exploring the unknown? Kalsubai starts in Bari. It is beautiful and still practices old traditions. Bari’s stunning houses will demonstrate the rural culture that India has preserved. Locals are always eager to help tourists. Bari’s people are sweet as honey. Bari people speak with great respect and you should treat them as such.

The trek starts with a walk through fields after you leave the village. Turn right once you reach the end. This is where the stream will likely be flowing during monsoon season. To continue your walk through the fields, you will need to cross it.

●       Mount Kalsubai is easy in terms of hiking difficulty.

On Kalsubai peak, there is a temple dedicated the goddess Kalsubai. Ladies and devotees come from all walks of life to Kalsubai during Navratri. The people of Bari built ladders on difficult rock areas to make Kalsubai an easy hike. Kalsubai is easy to learn for beginners.

There are many snack and food stalls along the trail.

●       The views from Kalsubai can be breathtaking.

Kalsubai takes visitors to Bhandardara which is a stunning region. Kalsubai is known for its triplet of hiking destinations: Alang, Madan and Kulang. The lush green mountains are accompanied with dancing clouds during monsoon season. Kalsubai is home to many waterfalls you can capture with your camera. The mountain is beautiful while hiking. The scenery is something that every hiker will love.

●       Kalsubai is excellent offline social connectivity centre.

You meet amazing people from all parts of the country and around the globe. It’s a pleasure to make new friends and shake hands with people new to you. You convince others to do crazy things. Take a look at The Prestige.

You can proudly record in your journal that you climbed a mountain 5400 feet high! This could be a life-changing experience.

Kalsubai, Maharashtra’s highest peak is Kalsubai.

Information about the Kalsubai Peak Trek Trail

  • The Kalsubai Peak Trek Trail begins at Bari Village. It is divided into two sections.
  • The first section starts in Bari Village, continues through fields, grasslands and a short forest section.
  • The second section includes the tricky ladder sections. These sections consist of four to five steep ladders. You will reach the Kalsubai temple at the top of the final mountain after passing through a viewpoint.

What is the time to visit Kalsubai Peak

You can trek all year with a different landscape each season. Depending on your interests, you can choose the best time to go.

July through September

From July through September, the monsoon season is here. The trek will take you through lush green areas and heavy rains. The trail is busiest during monsoon, but it can also get very crowded with as many as 3000 people at any one time. It is dangerously slippery due to the slushy conditions. Clear views are difficult at this time of the year. Avoid it as much as possible.

September and October

September and October are the flowering months. Autumn months are when you can see the surrounding forts and peaks. It is possible to walk through grasslands with many different flowers. Night hikes are most enjoyable between November and April when there is a stunning sunrise at the summit.

Pre-monsoon months include May and June

May and June are the pre-monsoon month. You should be on the lookout for fireflies and interesting cloud patterns!

The Kalsubai trek offers views of many famous forts such as Madan, Alang and Kulang. These peaks can be reached only by strenuous hiking. You can see the surrounding forts Harihargad and Harishchandragad on clear days. These treks can be combined by experienced trekkers for an even more thrilling experience.