8 Reasons Dental Implants Dentist recommends the treatment

Do you have any missing tooth or teeth? Does the issue expose unsightly gaps in your smile? A dental bridge is a known solution to the problem. But it involves certain unwanted sides as well, like irreversible damage to healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. Moreover, in course of time this is more likely to lead you to bone loss in the gums. And ofcourse fitting of dentures is a universal problem that we all know.

So is there no practical solution to this issue?  Yes there is but one solution which is absolutely feasible. Dental implants are considered Gold Standard solution to the problem of lost or missing teeth. This is no less than a revolutionary invention in the world of dentistry. In the following section let us explore the facts and factors related to this cutting-edge teeth-loss treatment.

Implants look just like your natural teeth

Aesthetic appeal is a vital consideration of any restoration work. If a dental restoration has poor cosmetic finish, it is practically of no use. Yes, crowns, bridges and dentures all bear a strong resemblance to your natural teeth but dental implants come the closest in that comparison. It is the most realistic alternative to your lost tooth or teeth both in looks and in function. Whenever you smile, it is practically impossible for any goddamn soul to understand you are on teeth implants.

Implants are as strong and durable as the natural teeth

Implants are actually tiny metal posts. The posts are made of a biocompatible metal, usually titanium. The treatment procedure is thoroughly invasive in nature and these posts are surgically drilled into the jawbone. In course of time bones and tissues grown around it to provide a firm support base. In dental terms it is called bone ossification. This is the reason why teeth implants are as strong as your natural teeth. so there is no problem anymore to bite down and chew upon the hardest food items including apples, steak, celery and nuts. Moreover with minimal care and maintenance an implant can easily last a lifetime.

Implants are exactly like your natural teeth

An implant perfectly restores the entire functionality of your missing tooth or teeth. So you are able to bite down on hard food items, chew properly and speak comfortably without having to worry about that gap in your jaws resulting from missing tooth or teeth. There is no need to worry about displaced dentures either.

Implants prevent bone loss

Tooth loss invariably leads to bone loss in course of time. The teeth are surrounded and supported by the alveolar bone. This bone maintains its shape and density through teeth stimulation. When your teeth are lost there is no source of stimulation for this bone. As a result the bone becomes badly affected, shrinks in size and becomes weak. Dental implant is the only teeth-loss solution that prevents this bone loss. Made of biocompatible metal, the implant stimulates the alveolar bone just as the same way your natural teeth do. As a result the bone keeps growing and the natural shape and structure of your face do not get altered and remain the same.

Implants easily last a lifetime

Implant posts are unbelievably durable. It requires minimal care and effort to make your implant last your lifetime. But make sure the metal post is surgically inserted into the jawbone by a technically sound dentist experienced in this particular treatment. This cutting-edge solution to lost or missing tooth has varying success rate. Actually this depends on exactly where in the mouth an implant is to be placed. The average success rate of dental implant treatment is 98%, which means 98 cases out of every 100 turn out to be success.

Implants do not damage the surrounding teeth

In order to accommodate a dental bridge a part of the healthy teeth on the both sides have to be replaced. This is an irreversible damage and can never be compensated. In the long run those teeth may get weak and damaged. But with implants this can never happen. An implant post is placed into the empty socket of your missing tooth. The surrounding teeth are no way affected in this procedure.

Boosts your self confidence

In the long run the problem of missing or lost tooth or teeth is known to affect one’s self reliance. People become over conscious about the existing gap in their jaw line and forget their natural smile. Even wearing dentures does very little to restore their confidence. On the other hand implants are firm in their position, secure and look exactly like your natural teeth. Implants – unlike any other tooth-loss solution – instil confidence in people. As a result people gradually become less and less concern about themselves. Their smile gets restored and they are no more willing to hide their smile behind the lips.

The treatment is more affordable than you consider

Compared to other dental restorations – like bridges and crowns – the implant treatment is definitely much more costly. But at the same it is important to mention high durability of implants. Any other dental restoration is more likely to be replaced after every few years. Thus you pay time and again for the treatment throughout your lifetime. At the most you may move ahead from a dental crown to a dental bridge and from that to partial dentures. A dental implants dentist in Wimbledon assures although initially costly implants treatment prove more affordable as well as hassle-free in the long run compared to the other restoration alternatives. It is lifetime solution and has no recurring cost over the ages. Moreover most dental practices offer lucrative financial schemes including instalment facility and interest-free credit to make the treatment more affordable for your pocket.