Dubai is one of the sought-out destinations among the cosmopolitan population for an attractive lifestyle and unique opportunities. Thousands of people move over to Dubai in order to convert their dreams into reality. Hence this vibrant city has a host of properties to accommodate the population. If you are new to this place and exploring the possibilities of villas for rent in Downtown Dubai, there are a few pointers that can be of help.

Begin the search and shortlist the properties

The process of renting in Dubai starts with a quick online search. There are various properties on rent or sale in Dubai that suits your preferences. Be aware about the type of residential properties that are available in Dubai before you embark on a search journey. The moment you find a property you can avail more knowledge about the property from the descriptions. Some pointers come into consideration like the annual rent of the property, whether it is furnish or unfurnish etc.

It is vital that you have an idea about the type of property that you are looking for and whether it is affordable or not. You may refine the search based on villas for sale in Downtown Dubai taking into consideration the budget and facilities on offer. The active listings on the website are always there and you need to select an appealing one based on the pictures and facilities on offer. Get in touch with the contact person or owner to view the property. Even you can save the searches and come back to it later. This is really a handy tool as you would want to look at a few properties before you get in touch with an agent. Make sure that you check out their commission rates before you finalize the property. Before you commit to any property it is better to have a degree of clarity.

A visit to the property

Once you have decided on a day to visit the property with an agent, be ready with a list of questions that you will be asking them. It would be better if you reach the area earlier and scan the neighbourhood. Evaluate the property in such a way that you are going to take it and if you feel it attractive you can plan a visit for the next time. It is better that you visit a couple of villas or apartments before you arrive at a final decision.

Before you make an offer

The moment you have looked on and searched for a property of your choice, then comes the final step of finalizing an offer. Most of the landlords would not mind in reducing the rates if the payment is given in short cheques. But before you adopt such a stance you need to stay in the house for a considerable amount of time as otherwise you can end up making losses.

 But if you are unsure about the locality what can be done is to enter a short- term lease. It is suggest that you check out the long term and short- term rentals and decide which one works best for you. Irrespective of the fact whichever real estate agent that you decide to go they need to be Rera register. This is a common practice in Dubai as the brokers number has to be certain.

The property is to be reserved

For reserving the property, you have to pay a refundable deposit to the property owner. If you are going through a real estate agent, they are likely to hold this amount before the deal is finalize. There are a few sets of documents which is need in such cases like your passport, visa copy. It is better that you click a lot of pictures of the property and return it back in the same condition that you went on to take it. Any rent cheques should be addressed to the landlord and if possible you need to have a passport copy and the land deed of the landlord.

Review and then sign the tenancy agreement

The moment you pay the security deposit, the agency will be sharing the tenancy contract with you. Such contract needs to be in accordance with the tenancy laws in Dubai. There are certain rights that a tenant is entitle before you finalize an agreement with them.

Both the parties can hold special clauses till there is mutual agreement on the same. Make it a point that you go through the terms and conditions in details and suggest any form of modifications. If it is not in accordance of the curriculum. The agent should be able to help you if there is any concerns or issues.

The moment you are sure you can submit all the relevant details to the concerned authorities. Make sure that you have a copy of the contract along with the acknowledgement receipt. Normally one copy of the contract is hand over to the landlord and the other one is with the tenant. Even a handover contract is sign in some cases.

Pointers to consider

Before you make a final decision about renting a property in Dubai there are a few pointers that you need to consider

  • Make it a point that everything is settle at the end of a landlord before you move in. Your agent should be able to check this and they need to give you in writing
  •  If there any maintenance issues you need to fix it before you move
  • Check all the access points in the building and figure out whether you have keys to the following
  • The responsibility of the landlord is to handle the property is in liveable condition. If this is not the case you can ask the property owner to clean things before you move in.
  • Check out whether the facilities in the apartment are in living condition or not

These are the pointers that you need to consider before you rent a villa in Dubai.