The house gets delightful with these Radha Krishna wall hanging. These hangings are very engaging and sometimes people think their lifestyle is not fit to keep such traditional decor. But these traditional art makes the home very beautiful. Also, there is spiritual importance attached to these wall decors.

Krishna is found mischievous and Radha is the epitome of love. They were not married together but still worshipped together and admired because their love was pure and devotional. The Wall hanging or paintings uplift your mood and make you understand the importance of love. Their affection for each other was boundless.

Their hangings portray the playfulness of their relationship and it was not limited to love only. There was a sense of comfort and peace also which is brought by placing these in the home. The hangings depict the immense love between the two deities that were in a well-balanced manner.

Hang these wall art hangings in your home and spread cheerfulness in the environment. There is a comfort and warmness in these paintings that have a different charm. It is the best gift to give to a newlywed couple or can be brought by you to your home. Either way, it brings cheer and joy to the home.

Radha Krishna wall hanging brings happiness to the home

The home is one such place where you can style it based on your way of living, personality, and desires in life. With these décor hangings, you can hide the flaws of the home and strengthen the good part. It brings positivity and freshens up the atmosphere.

Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Radha of Maa Laxmi. Their togetherness is considered the union of self and the universal self that is the Paramatma. So, the mesmerizing depiction of the digital or modern art style of the hangings enlivens the atmosphere of the home.

Radha Krishna wall hangings are auspicious for homes. Just like Ganesha paintings are considered good luck for the home. Similarly, Lord Krishna’s paintings and hangings are considered good for couples. It can steal everyone’s heart and make the décor of the home very beautiful.

Why should we use Radha Krishna wall hanging for décor?

These wall hangings look perfect in the living room or bedrooms. They are quite intriguing and bring happiness and peace to the house. According to Vastu, the best direction of placing these pictures is the northeast direction.

The hanging in the living room looks captivating because the artist paints beautiful love depictions of Radha and Krishna. It is such a delight to watch these hangings. It enhances the décor of the room and uplifts the mood of the surroundings. You can also place it on the entrances or nearby sofas.

If you place them in the bedroom then it symbolizes the love between the married couple. Both of them were separate, and Radha kept patience with his love. They both teach us to have patience during hard times and a feeling of sacrifice. The best position to put them is above the bed or just opposite the door.

The Wall mantra has beautiful designs on the wall hangings that are mesmerizing and radiates a positive aura. This aura brings peace and calmness to the vicinity. You can select the size of the wall hanging based on the space available in the living or bedroom.

Radha Krishna wall hangings are blessings for the home

The vibrant colors used in the hangings or paintings are very appealing. You have to choose the colors based on your wall colors so that they give a contrasting feeling. There is a hidden significance in the different colors used in the portraits of Radha Krishna wall Paintings.

Krishna’s blue color depicts water and a combination of yellow and brown as fire and earth. These colors show an amalgamation of love and peace. There is also a respect for nature which is portrayed in the hangings.

Although Radha and Krishna married different people and had different duties and responsibilities. Still, their love for each other remained. This gives a message to the newlyweds to strengthen their relationship and have a long-lasting bond of togetherness.

The hangings made by the artists depict different stories of Radha Krishna, his sensitivity, and his relation with other Gopis of Vrindavan. The art shown in the paintings or hangings creates an absorbing aura that fills your heart with joy.

The different forms of Lord Krishna through his tales and preaching can enhance the décor of the home. These pictures are admired by everyone so, adorn your wall with something attractive.


The hangings of the Radha and Krishna depict many virtues like anger management, practicing truth and honesty, accepting our flaws, and not blaming others. So, the values if inculcated can make us better people and make us accept people as they are with love.

Adorn your walls with such amazing artwork and allow positivity, and prosperity to enter your home. The wall mantra has an overwhelming collection of these wall hangings at an affordable price and premium quality.