Answers to all Your Questions About Document Scanning

Deciding for informed business means asking the proper questions and thinking of a document scanning solution for your company is not excluded through M&A advisory. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about document scanning here.

  1. I already have a desktop scanner. Do I also need document management software?

A desktop copier or scanner is useful for scanning a few files at a time. But after scanning, you will still need to identify your digital images in addition to having to assign them to a storage file so they’re easily findable. A professional document scanning service automates the process by offering a complete document management solution. Your digitized documents are identified, indexed, and even hosted for you.

  1. What steps would I take when checking my files?

Digitizing your paper documents means more than just running them through your scanner. Before scanning, you must remove staples and paper clips from your files. Then, important steps should be followed:

  • File indexing
  • Applying optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Encrypting digital files
  • Optimizing image resolution Image
  • enhancement

Strict quality control measures should be applied to every step of the scanning process to ensure accuracy and quality. A document scanning service saves you time by providing expertise in specialized scanning and document management.

  1. What file format should I use when saving my scanned documents?

The format you choose depends on how and where you store your digital images. A document scanning provider can convert your paper files into a variety of file formats that integrate seamlessly with your favorite document management applications or electronic content management (ECM) system.

  1. What is Optical Character Recognition?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting your scanned images into fully searchable text. When applied during the scanning process, OCR allows you to target specific information in a document using a simple word search.

  1. What is the best way to scan large documents?

Scanning large non-standard format documents such as blueprints or engineering drawings requires specialized equipment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a large format scanner that you’ll probably only use occasionally, save money, and time and outsource your large document scanning to document scanning professionals.

  1. Are there advantages to scanning documents that I will eventually destroy?

It depends on how busy your documents are and whether they are essential to your daily workflow. If your documents are rarely accessed and need to be destroyed soon, it is less expensive to store them offsite. A document storage service that offers an on-demand scanning solution saves you money by sending you a digital copy of your document only when you need it.

  1. Does it cost more to subcontract my text scanning project?

The benefit of subcontracting your document scanning is that your imaging supplier may correctly evaluate the cost and scope of your scanning project. Keep in mind that price is only one of the things to consider; image quality and resolution are also important. To ensure your document images are usable for the long term, make sure every page is scanned at the best quality and resolution the first time. Otherwise, you will spend more money in the future since you will have to digitize your documents again with the help of an M&A advisor.

  1. How do I know that my original documents will remain confidential?

A reputable, locally owned  provider uses only researched and contracted scanning technicians. No part of the and conversion process is outsourced locally or overseas to a third-party vendor. A strict chain of custody is maintained while your master copies are transported. During the scanning process, and the final delivery of your images.

We hope that answering your frequently asked questions will help you determine your priorities. And choose the right document scanning and management solution for your business!