spreading the gospel

If you want to contribute to spreading the Message or Gospel to the world, you can start the divine work from Israel. This is a country where Jesus took birth and spent a long period. Yet, there are very few followers of Jesus here. Indeed, the population of Christians in Israel is minuscule – to the extent of around 2% of the population. This is confusing for preachers of the Gospel like you. However, this is also an opportunity for you to try to spread the words of God in this country.

Spreading The Gospel

Of course, Jesus has given you an assignment, and it is about spreading his words to all and spreading love. Spreading his words in Israel is tough since the country has so few followers. This may desist you from going ahead. However, you need to understand that if you are overtaken by a proselytizing zeal, you don’t have much chance of success. Indeed, you would realize that spreading Christianity in Israel is not your forte.

Try Hebrew First

However, if you don’t take it as an effort to proselytize people, but to spread the word of God to all and sundry in Israel, the task may become easier. Indeed, you need to take it as an effort at spreading awareness about Jesus and his words. It may not be a good idea to take it as a proselytizing effort, but as a journey to educate the people about Jesus and spreading the gospel.

You need to know that the people of Israel know a lot about Jesus. So, if you are trying to spread the word of God in Israel, you need to know more. However, before everything else, you need to know the Hebrew language. You cannot communicate freely with the people there if you don’t know their language.

Avenues for Promotion

There are various avenues for promoting the words of God. You can make YouTube videos, create animated videos in Hebrew, and if you are the creative one make music and songs. etc. You need to use the Hebrew language throughout since that would help you get closer to the maximum number of people in Israel. Although people in Israel do understand English, videos, and audio in their mother tongue have an altogether different appeal to the ears and minds of people.

Spreading The Gospel Through Social Media

You can spread the words of God through various avenues including social media. However, in doing so you also need to have a good awareness of what Israeli people know and don’t know about Jesus and his life and work in Israel.


If you are on a mission to spreading the Gospel in Israel and the whole world, you can do your bit by posting YouTube videos, creating and contributing to social media channels, etc. However, you need to have a clear idea about the knowledge of the Israeli people about Jesus and his life in Israel. You also need to have good knowledge of Hebrew.