Winter Trek

Chadar Trek and Leh Ladakh BanBanjara


Explore the Magnificent Mountain Peaks in an Adventure Winter Trek No matter how long you’ve been trekking, you’ll always have the urge to explore more beautiful places. Full of natural beauty, there are countless places to visit in India throughout the year. The adrenaline rush to climb a peak and the breathtaking views of the mountain at the top are beyond words. It gets more adventurous. When your trekking trip is covered with Now. If you are one of those people who love to walk in the snow-capped mountains, Then you should try Winter Track. Winter treks in India have always been special for trekkers. Every trek is unique with a mix of adventure, challenges and experience. We have handpicked the top ten winter treks in India.


Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most chosen winter treks in India due to its mesmerizing landscapes, exciting trails and snow-white meadows. It is an easy trek and hence many first-timers are happy with the beautiful snow-covered trails and the perfect campsite. The trek offers a majestic view of the Himalayas Because it gives you a pleasant experience while travelling through the quiet villages. Enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna when you visit Govind National Park.


The entire trail of this trek is remarkable in its journey. If you yearn for winter treks, then prepare to face extreme chills throughout this trek. Popularly known as the Frozen River Trek or the Zanskar Valley Trek, you will be trekking entirely on ice, in fact, a frozen river. The beauty of the mountains around you will leave you speechless as you go on this exciting journey. Chadar Trek, for its unique trekking experience, is a trip of a lifetime for travellers.


Known for its adventurous forest trails and grandeur, Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek is one of the best winter treks in India. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts.In which there are dense forests and beautiful forest paths. You will see rhododendrons, maples, oaks and pine trees everywhere. The place will look like a perfect dreamscape with white landscapes, forest trails and breathtaking views of the top peaks.


Har Ki Doon is a popular trek in the Himalayas and is ideal for beginners. It is situated near the border between Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Which offers a beautiful stretch of greenery. You will pass through some unexplored areas of Uttarakhand where you will find lush greenery, glaciers, Fragrant orchids and beautifully spread meadows will appear. Enjoy watching the horses grazing around. The trek is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, photographers and bird watchers that offers beauty and an abundance of wildlife.


Nestled in the wonderful foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas, Nag Tibba Trek is one of the easiest winter treks. Which takes you closer to nature. Trekkers from all over the world enjoy the trip because of its popular natural landscape. You will pass through dense deodar forests where the chirping of birds will be heard as nature welcomes mankind. Trekking in quaint villages with trails of unexplored beauty for those who prefer silence. Amidst the beautiful forest, you will enjoy a perfect campsite for watching the stars at night.


If you are starting your trekking journey, then the Kuari Pass is an ideal beginner trek in the Himalayas. Nature’s beautiful lush green snow-covered meadows with green forest ancient forest paths. The trek is full of rhododendrons and oak trees making it a perfect one. Adventure path for first-time visitors. Scenic beauty, excellent campsites and scenic exploration make this a perfect winter trek in India.


Dayara Bugyal is one of the breathtaking treks in the Uttarakhand region. If you are planning a perfect winter trek in India, So Dayara Bugyal highlights the spectacular landscape with meadows covered with snow. You will get a spectacular view of the stunning lake of Barnala Tal spread over snowy mountains and alpine green meadows. Starting at Barsu in Haridwar Gangotri Road, the trail takes you through gorgeous oak forests, lush Greenland, and fresh running water with streams.


If you are looking for a winter trek in January or February, then Brahmatal is the right choice for you. While trekking in snow, you will have an unmatched hiking experience during Winter Summit. The snowy climate and the thrill involved in snow trekking will get your adrenaline pumping. The jungle trails of this trek are one of the least explored routes; With an imaginary blanket of snow on the meadows and trees. It seems as if the entire forest has been decorated for some grand celebration. If you are looking for a peaceful snow trek, then Brahmatal is the ideal option for you.


The Zongri trek promises a captivating experience for beginners and experienced trekkers. For those looking for snow treks in India, Jongri Trek does not disappoint. Offering panoramic views of the peaks and mountain passes, the trek is a real adventure for nature enthusiasts. You will be delighted to see the forest adorned with the flowers of the Himalayas. It is a moderate trek in the Sikkim Himalayan region that offers scenic beauty and a perfect frame of forest. Don’t miss out on the majestic view of the scintillating sunrise at the Kangchenjunga peak.