Decorative Lights And Fancy Bulbs

Because decorative lights are a vital aspect of our entire home decor, it’s crucial that we use the best bulbs in our fixtures. Below are the 07 leading decorative lights bulbs on our website, each with its own unique qualities. More you can get all your indoor and outdoor decorative lights with Overstock promotion code

Antique Decorative Lights 

Gold Swirl B11 Antique Bulb

This B11 gold swirl antique decorative light bulb emits a warm glow reminiscent of illumination from the twentieth century. It’s composed of gold frosted amber glass and has a hand-wound tungsten filament inside, adding to its vintage appearance. The lamp’s intricate design allows the bulb to be visible, giving your ornamental light fixtures a unique look. This antique bulb produces a calming light thanks to its 20 watts of power, making it excellent for nighttime lighting!

Golden Smoke Flame CA11 Antique Bulb

The 12.5-watt CA11 golden smoke flame vintage bulb will add a rich mood to your interior design! The hand-blown amber glass ornamental incandescent lamp has a curved tip that sits at the top of it, emphasizing the light’s candle-like appearance. This bulb is ideal for beautiful chandeliers because of its chandelier base and golden frost finish. Use this golden smoke antique bulb for a romantic ambiance!

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Kinds of Fancy Bulb

Satco S3369 F15 Aurora Colored Glass

The Satco S3369 F15 bulb adds sparkle to your chandelier with aurora-colored glass. The ornamental incandescent bulb uses 40 watts and lasts for 1,500 hours on average. It has a medium (E26) base, allowing you to use it in a wide range of lighting applications. With this aurora-finished lamp, you can give your chandelier the finishing touch it deserves!

Bulbrite 411006 S6 Silicone Tip

Consider the Bulbrite 411006 S6 frosted silicone tip bulb if you want something different! The bulb does have a flame-like look, giving your hall illumination a dramatic touch. It uses 6 watts and has a 1,500-hour life expectancy. The silicone coating protects the bulb from shattering and ensures its long life. This candelabra lamp has a unique look that is ideal for your decorative lights!

Bulbrite 410303 Clear CA5 with Flicker Flame

The Bulbrite 410303 CA5 flicker flame bulb simulates a real flame flicker. The ornamental electric lamp has a projected life of 2,500 hours with a candelabra base and operates at 130 volts. The bulb can be used both indoors and outside to provide an atmosphere to your decorative lights. Place the Bulbrite flicker flame lamp in your chandelier, lantern, or pendant for a genuine effect!

CP 10714C-51K torpedo CFL

This TCP 10714C-51K torpedo CFL bulb is the way to go if CFL bulbs are your chosen lighting option! It functions at 14 watts and has an ordinary life of 8,000 hours, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The 5100K color temperature produces a bright, white light that is comparable to that of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. This lamp’s candelabra base makes it ideal for chandeliers, lamps, and more!

Archipelago Dimmable LED G16.5

Try this Archipelago G16.5 LED globe if you like ornamental globes than torpedo decorative light. The 3-watt globe, which has a 2700K color temperature and can replace a 25-watt incandescent, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a 50,000-hour life span and is CSA-approved for use in damp environments (enclosed fixtures only). This elegant globe will give off a bright white light for the rest of its life, whether it’s in a hall chandelier or an outdoor lantern!

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