Everyone would be aware of the importance of sound sleep and still most people overlook their nighttime sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation due to ageing is common as there occur several natural changes in your body. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of severe health issues makes it difficult for you to sleep peacefully at night.  

You must have seen the older adults get less sleep while the younger ones sleep for more hours than usual. Undoubtedly, aging is one of the natural factors that impede sleep in the elderly. Likewise, the mattress can be one of the major factors that affect your sleep at night. This is the reason that the doctors advise a comfortable mattress for senior citizens. A comfortable mattress transforms the beauty of sleeping hours and helps you avoid tossing and turning the whole night. In this article, you’ll learn about how sleep affects older adults and how they can improve their sleep. 

Aging Affects the Sleep of Older Adults

Aging hits individuals differently. While some older adults may not observe significant disruptions in older adults, some say that they don’t get enough sleep or don’t get quality sleep at night. Here are the common disturbances for sleeping in older adults:

  • Changes in Sleep Schedule

 With aging, your body’s circadian rhythms make a forward shift in time. This is termed phase advance, which is common in older adults. Some older adults may experience this phase due to getting tired during the mid-day and waking up early in the morning.  

  • Wakeful Nights 

Waking up at night is not only a problem for older people but also for young individuals. After a certain age, people experience a change in 

their sleep clock. In different stages of sleep, there occur changes that refer to sleep architecture. Elderly people spend more time in the beginning, lighter stages of sleep and less time in the later, deeper stages of their sleep. These changes in sleep schedule in older people contribute to waking up at night more often during the night with restless sleep. 

  • Daytime Nap 

Daytime napping rejuvenates your body but in the elderly, it hinders their nighttime routine of a sound sleep. Some studies say that around 25% of older adults take daytime naps. Extended napping can make it difficult for you to avoid nighttime disruptions to fall asleep. 

  • More Recovery Time from Changes in Sleep Cycle  

When there is a change in how your body regulates circadian rhythms, it makes it difficult for older adults to adjust to sudden changes in their sleep cycle.

Common Sleeping Problems in Senior Citizens

Some studies say that approximately 40-70% of individuals experience chronic sleep problems and almost half of them go undiagnosed. Severe sleep problems interfere with the everyday chaos of older adults, reducing their quality of sleep. The common sleep issues include: 

  • Pain 

Discomfort and pain in the body lead to inadequate rest in some elderly people. The combination of body ache with sleep disorder becomes a vicious cycle. In this case, if you experience less pain, it can lead to more pain in your body. So, it is better for you to consult a doctor if the body ache is interfering with your sleep.  

  • Urination at Night

The problem of nighttime urination or nocturia increases as you age due to certain physical changes in your body. This impacts the sleep of almost 80% of the individuals, leading to sleep disruptions. 

  • Insomnia

Having difficulty falling or staying asleep frequently is one of the common problems in the elderly. Many overlapping factors contribute to insomnia that can get better with treatment. 

A Solution to Balance Your Sleep Cycle – SmartGRID Mattress! 

If you are experiencing difficulties in enjoying a good night’s slumber, the SmartGRID mattress can be a comfortable solution for you. Old and poor-quality mattresses make you feel like you’re sinking in the bed and keep adjusting to your comfortable sleeping position.

SmartGRID mattresses provide the right support that your body needs. Here are the features that help you say bye to wakeful nights: 

  • The perfect amalgamation of the TPE material and the GRID technology makes SmartGRID mattresses unique and a must-have for you. It offers even support to your body, reducing pressure on the joints and muscles. 
  • Your shoulders, pelvis, and head get cushiony comfort when you sleep on these mattresses. Following your body shape, the mattress adjusts itself accordingly and you don’t need to toss and turn continuously. 
  • If you feel disturbed while sleeping with your partner, the SmartGRID mattresses facilitate zero partner disturbance. 
  • The GRIDs in the mattress allow proper air circulation across the mattress for airy comfort and a cosy feel. This is the perfect mattress for senior citizens

Summing up

Sleep deprivation is common with aging. Possibly, your mattress may not be supportive to comfort your body. To mitigate sleeping issues, The Sleep Company has revolutionized the sleep industry with India’s first and only SmartGRID mattress. 

If you are looking for a mattress for senior citizens, the SmartGRID mattress is the one. It is the epitome of essence, luxury, and cosy comfort for uninterrupted sleep.