When it comes to Geomatics services in Calgary, they are somewhat in line with the current trends and methods being used in surveying anywhere in the world. Geomatics as an industry has been quite proactive in adapting itself to the changing technology and requirements.

Whether it using total stations or moving on to drones and UAVs, surveying companies and organizations are able to streamline their operations with respect to the changing times.

However, as the world moves further and develops, so does geomatics.

Here we look at the future of geomatics services in Calgary and how it can shape up what it has to offer.

Future of Geomatics Surveying

With advancements in technology, geomatics surveying and its techniques are developing on a daily basis. The advancements in geomatics are able to create more valuable, accurate and comprehensive information than it has been.

The future of geomatics surveying has a few underlying trends that seem adept.


LiDAR is not just the future, but it’s been the present too.

LiDAR is a major support factor for geomatics surveying and has made mapping and collecting data sets easier, faster and better. Moreover, various UAVs & drones use LiDAR as the eyes of these vehicles.

In the near future, geomatics services in Calgary will be able to adapt to LiDAR more effectively and as the technology evolves it is only going to get better.

Differentiating between Good & Bad Data

With the technological advancements in the last few years, the use of data has been predominant in the geomatics survey space.

As the industry started using more technology-intensive tools and technologies, the collection and sorting of data became imperative. In the near future, only an experience geomatics services provider will be able to differentiate between good data and bad data to deliver precise mapping results.

This will be even more evident as more data-centric and specific roles enter the geomatic services space. Roles like data management and analytics will also take precedence.

Consumer-First Approach

Geomatics services in Calgary and elsewhere too, have always remained behind the scenes. Geomatics services have helped several individuals and businesses alike in better land management, planning and construction.

One of the leading examples of a consumer-first approach is residential land surveying services. While a lot of people know about it, it isn’t the first name that pops up in someone’s head when required. But, as geomatics develops, it shall take a centre stage and might become more customer-centric in areas such as real estate.


Just like every other business and industry, geomatics services will have to become more sustainable. The geomatics services industry shall utilize technological advancements such as drones and aerial imagery to cut down the number of people required on roads for smaller agendas such as field visits.

Similarly, cities and municipalities might use geomatics for better land management and more sustainable development approaches.

Moving Ahead With the Future

The future of geomatics is moving further and at a fast pace.

Geomatics surveying needs to be forward-facing and its future is looking bright if everything goes as per the goals and developments around geomatics.

With a future-first approach, Core Geomatics is moving ahead and bringing a new approach to land surveying and geomatic surveys to the forefront. Since 2009, Core has been working towards bringing the right technology and techniques to Geomatics and land surveying, and they are able to do so successfully.

Now, with more than 8 locations across Alberta and western Canada, and numerous projects under their belt, they are able to look at the future of geomatics and deliver more precise and accurate results to their customers.

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