Graduate Dissertation Writing

Can a student complete his graduate dissertation writing within three days? Many students will say that it is not possible. However, students often find it hard to start working on their graduate dissertation at the early stage because of many reasons. Ultimately, they face stress because they think it is impossible to write a dissertation in a short period of time. But, they can totally write a perfect dissertation in a short time interval if they know how to plan and set the right goals. This article will give you a step-by-step guide which you can follow to complete a graduate dissertation writing in three days.

Choose The Right Topic:

In order to write a dissertation in three days, it is important that you choose the right topic. If you use a very complex topic, it can become difficult for you to complete your dissertation in three days. On the other hand, an easy and impactful topic can help you write your dissertation in a short period of time. Thus, choosing the right topic for your research is the most important step. The easy way to choose the right topic is to focus on things that inspire or interest you. If you are motivated, then you can write quickly and effectively.

Decide The Length Of Your Dissertation:

The next important step for graduate dissertation writing is to decide the length of the dissertation. Usually, a research paper has a length from 10,000 words to 100000 words. However, if you are writing in three days, then it is best to choose the length of the dissertation, no less than 20,000 words. This way, you can write quality content in a short period of time. You can also hire a dissertation writing service UK for a lengthy dissertation.

Divide Your Time:

After selecting the length, you must divide your time for graduate dissertation writing. You must ensure you can write all the words in time. Thus time management is very important. You should write 5000 to 7000 words on average daily.

Have A Clear Structure And Goal:

Before starting to work on graduate dissertation writing, it is vital to have clear goals and structure. This way, you will not get stuck while writing. It would help if you also decide on a proper structure for your dissertation, containing an abstract, introduction, literature review and methodology. It would help if you were clear about what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it in your research. After deciding this, you need to stick closely to the plan while writing. This will help you to avoid getting overambitious. Thus, the chances of completing your dissertation writing on time will increase.

Make A Rough Outline:

Working on graduate dissertation writing without a proper plan can lead to a huge failure, especially if you want to complete it in three days. The worst approach to writing in a short period is to start without a proper outline or plan. Despite having only three days, it is best to take time to make an outline containing all your main ideas. This will highly help you during the writing stage.

Divide Your Work Into Sections:

The next important thing for graduate dissertation writing is to divide your dissertation work into parts. This is the most effective approach to finish your dissertation within three days. This way, you can easily manage your time as each part can be completed at a different speed. It will help to maintain the quality of each section, and you will also be able to complete your work within three days. Dividing your work into parts can also help in the reduction of pressure. It can help you to write each section with more focus as you have to deal with each section individually.

Do Not Get Distracted:

You can only complete your dissertation by completely concentrating on your work without any distractions. The best approach to avoid any kind of distractions is not to use any social media apps during these three days. Also, avoid all other recreational activities in this time period. If you waste time on social media or other unimportant activities, then you will not be able to complete your dissertation. It is best that you go to a quite place where no another person or social media notification can bother you.

Edit Your Work:

It would help if you also allocated some time for the editing stage. It would be unwise to submit your paper without checking spelling and grammar. Make sure that your work is completely free from plagiarism. You can take an hour to check your work and do not take more time if you want to complete your project in three days. There are also several professional services available for editing and proofreading.

No matter how short a time period you have, you should never underestimate the editing part of graduate dissertation writing. The editing stage is important to ensure that you give polished, coherent and well-structured research. It would help if you left enough time, in the end, to access the ideas in your paper and to proofread for mistakes.

Ask For Advice:

Asking for dissertation help online from others is not a sign of weakness. For graduate dissertation writing, it is essential to get advice from others. You can ask your peers to proofread, or you can also get advice from your supervisor. There is a good chance that taking the opinions of others can highly enhance the quality of your dissertation, especially if you get help from a supervisor. It is because the supervisor has many years of professional dissertation writing experience. Thus, feel free to get help from your supervisor.


Concluding the debate, it would be pertinent to say that you can surely complete your graduate dissertation writing in three days. However, it will be a very challenging task. Therefore, it would require a complete focus and proper planning. Choose an easy topic and make a suitable plan for it. You must manage your time properly and divide each section of your dissertation. You can effectively write your dissertation in three days by following the above-mentioned steps.