It is a fact that there are lots of advancements in courtroom technology right now, but that has not discouraged the demand for a certified court reporter these days. Court reporters and certified stenographers are accountable for maintaining a human touch when it comes to reporting. They have the ability to capture information in the right context and request a witness for repeating a missed point as well. Apart from this, it is not possible for any machine to match the efficacy of human stenographers. Because of these reasons, courts prefer to go for human stenographers instead of upgrading to more advanced technology.

Furthermore, it is possible for machines to start malfunctioning at any moment, and a lot of cash has to be invested in repairing them. As a result, a deposition videographer, as well as a court reporter, will be needed to be present in the courtroom without fail at present. This provides lots of job security in these fields as well.

In this article, we have mentioned in brief how to become a court reporter that will come of use to you.

Come across the right classes

The initial step in becoming an accredited court reporter will be to come across institutions providing court-reporting programs endorsed by the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association). In this way, it will be possible for you to fulfill your dream of becoming a qualified court reporter. The good thing is that lots of online as well as offline institutions are known to provide these programs which implies that you will be able to pursue these courses from the comfort of your home at your convenient time.

Become certified

It will not be enough to attend a few classes to become a certified court reporter. You need to procure a license from a reputed institute as well. This is due to the fact that many states need their employees to be licensed before entering this profession.

Practice to the best of your abilities

It is a fact that practice makes a man perfect. There is an increasing demand for court reporters these days. This implies that it is only possible for talented and qualified reporters to become employed in the long run. Make it a point to practice regularly for developing your expertise as a court reporter.


The salary of a court reporter happens to be around $65,000 every year on average. However, this can be much more for an exceptionally talented and qualified court reporter. Don’t be surprised if someone manages to earn $90,000 every year after procuring a job in this field. You will be able to generate almost six figures after working for many years as a court reporter. Just make sure to keep going and you will be able to earn handsome salaries in the long run.


Your competency and efficiency will be judged by the people depending on the time and effort that you give to advancing in your profession. Make it a point to pursue various opportunities that come your way after getting the certification from a recognized institution.