Facebook’s marketing strategy has received mixed reviews from users. Some people think Zuckerberg is more strict than Ebeneezer Scrooge and will make you pay to have your posts seen by your fans. Facebook can drive significant traffic to your site and improve your website’s social signals (helping SEO). You can also display a Facebook Like Box on your website if you have a lot of followers. This is great social proof.

When I first added the Facebook-like box to the sidebar on my affiliate site followers pro, my conversions went through the roof (I had 40k fans at the time).

Since then, I have been working to increase my fan base to get more social proof for my website.

I have been running Facebook ads for the past week that have gotten 40,000 targeted followers in just 72 hours. In the past seven days, I have accumulated more than increase facebook followers uk. These are targeted fans who like bodybuilding.

Targeted fans will result in significant engagement from your posts. Below you will see that while only a few thousand people may see my posts, approximately one in 10 of my fans engages with them.

How did I do it?

This ad received incredible engagement levels; I paid only 1/10th of a dollar for each.

So, why was this ad so successful?

Two main factors make a Facebook advertisement successful:

  • The picture
  • Targeting

The picture

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to advertising. You can see that I didn’t write much text for this advertisement, which is a testament to the power of images. This image is shocking, and it works well. His muscles are impressive, and the sheer size of the girl beside him is enough to grab anyone’s attention. If you like bodybuilding, you will undoubtedly be interested in this status.

Bright and vibrant images will grab attention. A dull appearance will not attract millions of eyes to an ad. Remember that Facebook users scroll through their newsfeeds to check out their friends’ posts, not to interact directly with brands they don’t know.


To make an ad successful, you must nail the targeting. This ad was created to be run only in Asia, as it is more likely that the native audience will be interested/excited by it.

It could have been set up in the USA or UK, and it would have been successful. But it wouldn’t have made as much money as if it was run by people of the same ethnicity that the bodybuilder in this picture.

It’s similar to dating someone and finding out that you have nothing in common. If you are too yin/yang, getting along with them won’t be easy. It’s essential to make your business as accessible as possible to customers.

If running a bodybuilding supplement marketing campaign, you might include a US flag in your image with text that says “Exclusive for US customers only” to increase conversion rates.

This can only be said if the offer is for US customers. Otherwise, your nose might grow suddenly.

You could also use colors to appeal to your target audience. In the US/UK, black is often associated with luxury. Black is also associated with bad luck in Chinese culture, which can be detrimental to an advertisement campaign.

A top tip to increase your fans with your ads

You may get a lot of people to like your ad. There will be many people who share the status but don’t like it. These people could be potential fans that you are losing.

If you click on the “likes” button on your status, you will see a list of people who are fans of increase facebook likes uk. You can invite them to like your page if they’re not already fans. Click invite to send them a message asking them to click it. There’s a high chance that they will convert because they have already liked your content.

Facebook will stop you from inviting more people after 30 minutes. You can get around this by making your friends/family admins to your page and paying them a small fee to invite everyone you want.