Stunt bounces are covered-up slopes that push vehicles to perform slow-speed hops in GTA 5. There are 50 trick bounces in San Andreas. Stunt Jump Collectibles are expected to arrive at 100 percent game culmination and will likewise acquire you the “Hotshot” prize and accomplishment.

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While endeavoring stunt bounce, you want to land at a particular put and with every one of the wheels on the ground. During the leap, change the vehicle in mid-air with the Left Analog Stick so it lands appropriately in the assigned position.


It’s ideal to attempt these USJs as Franklin, particularly with their capacity to dial back time. A suggested vehicle for these leaps would be a Pegasi Bati 801 motorbike, albeit a few tricks are simpler and more secure when performed with a games vehicle.

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In the event that the vehicle is seriously harmed, simply change to another person and immediately change back to check whether the vehicle is mysteriously fixed!


Gta 5 Interactive Map

Stunt hops are recorded on the GTA 5 guide.



Utilize the GTA 5 Interactive Map


GTA 5 Interactive Map is a Google-style map that anybody can alter or add. This incorporates collectibles and stunt hops and that’s just the beginning. Furthermore, it chips away at telephones and tablets!


The following is a rundown of 50 trick hops seen as in the game. They even have their focus on our intelligent guides, so assuming you really want more assistance, make certain to look through it!


Stunt Bounce 1

Area – Vinewood Hills


Go east down a slope on Mount Han Drive. You’ll go into a little gulch and turn somewhat passed on close to the base to hit a soil incline that will send off you onto Baytree Canyon Road. Any standard car or sports vehicle ought to have the option to pull it off.


stunt bounce 2

Area – Little Seoul


Exit 3A, 4 East, on La Puerta Fwy exit 3A, is an exit ramp for the Olympic Fwy exit as it were. Run it at maximum velocity and when it begins to bend, a huge metal sheet with a sand hill will plunge for you. A quicker vehicle will be required, as you should leap far to the point of getting not too far off.


Stunt Bounce 3

Area – North Calafia Way


There is a stone incline on the south side of North Calafia. This bounce should be possible in the best vehicles and sports vehicles.


Stunt Hop 4

Area – Paleto Bay


There is a wrecked scaffold over the old Procopio Promenade. Hop it into any vehicle and land on the opposite side to finish the leap.


Stunt Bounce 5

Area – Raton Pass


While traveling west over Raton Pass, there will be a stone incline to your right not long before a sharp left turn. You will require a quick vehicle, as you should clear the gorge to take the leap. A bicycle is suggested in GTA Online, or on the other hand on the off chance that you experience issues landing.


Stunt Bounce 6

 Area Elgin Avenue Parking Garage, north of Ammu-Nation


Beginning nearby past Caesars Park and Lock, turn west and drive to the parking area on the opposite side of Elgin Avenue. Drive the incline to one side and get off as an afterthought street.


Stunt Bounce 7

Area – Parking Garage on Peaceful Street


Go to the highest point of the parking structure close to Peaceful Street. The entry can be found on San Andreas Avenue. Go to the top to find a Piswaser sign that you can increase. For this, you will require a quick vehicle, as you should clear the structure underneath and get off the far street.


Stunt Hop 8

Area – Del Pero Freeway Overpass


Remaining on Swiss Street, turn west onto Alta Street. There is a part of the broken railing that you can pass through. Slap on the gas and blow it down on the La Puerta Freeway.


Stunt Hop 9

Area – At the convergence of Equality Street, Equality Street, and Bay City Avenue


Turn south at the equal. Go under a bridge and when you see a few red imprints on the left, turn towards them. Around 100 feet in front of you will be a slope of grass. Catch up with it generally in the center and slope toward Great Ocean Highway.


Stunt Bounce 10

Area – Rockford Plaza


Access Rockford Plaza from the east and go up the incline. Simply continue going straight as the railing will vanish and stir things up around town to finish the leap. Should be finished in a four-wheeler.


Stunt Hop 11

Area – Vinewood Hills


Going on the west, go on an outing to Cockingend Drive in Vinewood Hills. At the highest point of Cockingend Drive, there are cones covering a soil way on the south side. Go straight down this way and off the slope while arriving out and about underneath to finish the leap. Acquiring an excessive amount of speed might possibly bring about death, so begin where the cones are out and about and advance rapidly up to the incline. Most vehicles can achieve this, however, cars are suggested in light of the fact that a bicycle fall can prompt a mishap.