Turkish cotton towel

Every household has at least one drawer filled with Turkish Towels; this all-in-one item fits everything, be it travelling, beach towel or home use. It is made from Turkish cotton and is named a Turkish cotton towel. These towels are flat, thin, absorbing and fluffy, making them the best choice as they stay longer and are easy to carry. Initially, Turkish towels were used in Turkish baths, but over the years, people have found new ways, like using them as shawls and scarves. With more use and washes, Turkish towels become softer. But sometimes, if your towel becomes rough and frigid, keep it soaked in cold water for a few hours or overnight and let it dry for some time to get the softness back.


Nowadays, Turkish towels come in different varieties; the types are listed below:

  1. Cotton Turkish Towels: 

These towels are incredibly durable and are used most commonly.

  • Genuine Turkish Towels: 

Though manufacturing of Turkish towels has been started in many countries, this one is made in Turkey itself.

  • Large Beach Turkish Towels: 

This one is popular because it can be used in multiple ways, from bath towels to shields, from coverups to picnic cloth. This is the most efficient one.

  • Diamond Weave Turkish Towels: 

This towel does not fray easily, and besides being durable, it has an elegant woven diamond design.

  • Round Turkish towels: 

Unlike the usual and ordinary rectangular and square designs, these come in round shapes in various formats, making them perfect for carrying to a picnic.

  • Cotton Anatolia Turkish Towels: 

These are commonly available in white and are soft and cosy. These are fast drying and durable, making them a perfect choice for a face towel.

  • Turkish Linen Towels: 

If you prefer linen clothes more but also want the qualities of a Turkish towel, then a Turkish Linen towel is ideal for you. Though they might weigh a bit heavier than usual traditional Turkish towels, they are adequate for bath towels as they have an absorbing factor.

  • Pestemal Turkish Towels:

 Available in various designs, these are durable and commonly used as shawls or scarves.



Turkish Cotton towels are grown in the Aegean region and made from long fibres, which makes them more durable when compared with other threads. Though Turkish towels are comfortable, fluffy and easy to carry, their absorbent factor makes the cloth take time to dry. Visit the Gridal store to buy the best Turkish towels. Moreover, Turkish Cotton towels are an excellent choice as they absorb and dry. Towels are a great necessity for our daily lives and always a must to pack while going out. So, from hygiene to aesthetics, Turkish Cotton towels have covered you with the outstanding features of the best towel, so whenever you go shopping next time, make sure to grab the best one according to your requirement.