For those who want to create an impressive and top performing online store, Shopify is definitely a great choice being one of the leading e-commerce platforms. This platform has enough features that make running your retail business online in an efficient and effective way. Here are some recent developments in the platform that make it the ultimate online store platform.

Customizable store online
Online Store 2.0 lets you take advantage of this modular and customizable platform. You can now arrange and rearrange the content of your webpage with blocks and sections. This is a new update that will give a greater flexibility to the merchants to design their stores without any coding knowledge. The freedom to customize has got extended with the new enhancements to the platform.

Improvements to products info to attract customers
To be able to add more product information or change the items, orders or customers, earlier you had to alter the code. The latest developments to the platform lets you modify or add the meta-fields directly from your Shopify dashboard and you never have to touch the code to do this. In your Shopify account, you can add more data about your products, orders and customers. This will help enhance the customers’ checkout experience on your online store.

Buy now pay later option for customers
Shop Pay Installments can permit the customers to buy now and pay later. It is also possible to split their bills into four interest-free installments. This option is available for orders in US dollars for values between $50 and $1,000. Eventually, this may get extended to other geographies and currencies too.

Better app recommendations
Different businesses have different app expectations and requirements. In the earlier version of Shopify, it was difficult to find the right match for apps. Online Store 2.0 gives personalized app recommendations that are used by other merchants dealing with similar products and services. This can make it simple to find the best app that matches your store.

Widening possibilities to grow your online business
The latest developments to the Shopify platform brings in a lot of opportunities to use the creative ideas of developers and store owners to grow their business. The merchants can have a better control and freedom now to develop, configure, monetize and scale up their online store. The best part of this is online entrepreneurs can now do all of this without much coding knowledge.

Find the best Shopify developers
To create stunning online stores replete with useful tools and features to grow your business, it is highly recommended that you find the best Shopify web development company in India. The incredible advantages of the Shopify platform can be surfaced with the help of qualified and experienced Shopify developers. In the highly competitive market today, you need to make your online store impressive and feature rich for the customers to really enjoy their shopping experience. To this end, you can highly depend on the incredible power of Shopify as an online store development platform.