If you have been reading about various aspects of our environment and the steps that can be taken to conserve it, you might have come across the term offshore renewables. Climate change is a reality and that has compelled organizations around the world to adopt measures or methods to run their operations without harming the environment further. Burning fossil fuels will not help us in the long run and one has to keep looking for energy sources that are sustainable.

The good news is that we have a plethora of opportunities to source renewable energy and use it in the most effective manner. At the moment, there are three primary sources of offshore renewables.

Offshore renewable
Offshore renewable

The three major sources of offshore renewables are as follows:

Wave Energy

Waves have always been a source of tremendous energy and today, many organizations of international repute are trying to come up with methods or techniques to utilize wave energy efficiently for their operations. A while back, a company created a device that worked towards wave energy, generated from the oceans, into electricity. Though this particular source of energy is not being used on a wide scale yet, it has a lot of potential.

Wind Energy

When it comes to offshore renewable energy, wind energy remains the most popular option for companies. Offshore wind energy can be produced without creating a lot of noise or other disturbances around. This source of offshore renewable energy was discovered a long time ago and continues to remain relevant. The wind makes the turbine blades move and that plays an important role in the energy creation process.

Tidal Energy

Despite offering several benefits, tidal energy continues to remain largely unexplored. Tides are dependent on the moon’s gravitational forces to a great extent. Because of this, it is easier to make predictions about the creation of tidal energy than to draw out estimates about the energy derived from the wind or the sun. Mostly, tidal power generators are used to create tidal energy. Though setting up these devices is not an easy process, putting your time, money and energy at the same pays off in the long run.


Today, many European countries have taken the lead in adopting offshore renewable energy. Many large corporations, too, are taking steps to use these sources more prominently. With time, one expects the awareness around offshore renewables to grow significantly. Several government agencies and institutions that have been designed to conserve the environment are working closely with each other to come up with ideas to use the existing sources of offshore renewable energy better.

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