Filing for a lawsuit after the death of a loved one cannot diminish the grieving or bring vindication to the family left behind. It can, however, hold the persons or company accountable for the wrongful death that happened in their property, under their watch, negligence, carelessness, or sometimes even malicious intent. Filing for a premise liability claim will also help in giving the diseased person’s family a better future and will prevent wrongful, dangerous accidents from happening again.

The first matter at hand when it comes to a premise liability case is determining liability of the persons, company, or organization involved. Here in Fort Worth, a highly knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney Fort Worth should be able to guide you through, and as a client, here are some of the things you should also be aware of.

What is a Premise Liability Case?

The simplest form of definition, a premise liability case is when the plaintiff or person involved suffered an injury or wrongful death due to the condition of the defendant or accused party’s property. This can be as simple as a slip and fall accident or as medically intensive as exposure to harmful chemicals. Other factors include animal attack, collapse of a building facility, explosion, fire, lack of security, and any other accident caused by a broken or poorly maintained part of the property.


Many insurance companies will deny the liability claim from this type of case since it can be difficult to prove sometimes, especially slip and fall. It will now be the attorney’s responsibility to prove that the property’s condition posed an unreasonable risk and the owner or management in charge of the property should have immediately fixed it.


Who are the Defendants involved?

Here in Texas, once you become the authorized guest or visitor of the host/company, the property owner, tenant, staff, or any management is in charge of safeguarding your safety and health. However, out of all the establishments here in Fort Worth, unfortunately many companies/establishments cut corners in repair and replacement or disregard their legal duties in ensuring a safe environment. These businesses are not limited to corporations. They can be retail stores,  markets, schools, hospitals, nursing facilities, banks, hotels, offices, to name a few.


The premise liability matter can also happen in a residential property, including cases of dog bites, slip and falls, falling tree branches, and more. If the accident happened in a rented property or apartment, often times the tenant will be held liable. Even if the people injured are considered trespassers or unauthorized guests, the owner still needs to provide ample warning that his/her property poses a serious risk.


If you have a friend or family who suffered a wrongful death or serious injury and are currently facing a premise liability case in Fort Worth, Texas, you deserve an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Mizani Law Firm is available 24/7, and is prepared to travel to you for a free, no-obligation consultation. They have successfully helped families recover up to six digit settlements and would be more than willing to do the same for you.