Portugues. Presente, o verbo, oi!, mas, eu, O que?, um, uns, uma, umas. Translate:" Portuguese. Present, the verb, hi !, but, I, What ?, one". Language hand drawn doodles.

When you are able to speak different languages, it does not just feel great but also you open up a new world of opportunities. While you maybe perfect or fluent at your native language, knowing a new language is a great trait.

you should learn a language like Portuguese and the best part is even if you are a kid, you can read Portuguese short stories and have a good grasp at this language. No matter what is your age, learning this language could be a great plus for you. here are some benefits of learning Portuguese.

You can travel better in times to come 

Since people love to travel a lot, knowing multiple languages can be of great perk. Here, if you  know Portuguese, you can be more confident about your travel. You know Portugal is generally listed as the 6th most-spoken language in the entire world. Not only is this spoken in Portugal, but even in  Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Goa, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Macau, and São Tomé and even Príncipe.

Indeed, a few of these regions or countries, particularly Brazil and Goa, mostly feature on the bucket lists  of travel lovers and being able to speak even a little Portuguese is not just make travelling in those countries easier, but even it would enrich your experience there as well. Moreover learning Portuguese properly not just opens up new travel opportunities to places like Brazil but even inside the realm of Portugal itself. Although English is widely spoken in regions like Porto, Lisbon, and the Algarve, it is not really as widely spoken everywhere in Portugal. Learning a little bit of Portuguese is going to make it much easier to get off the beaten type of path a little, and to explore the less touristic areas of the nation.

Reduced competition for language jobs

Despite the high number of Portuguese speakers that there are in the entire world, and despite the reality that Portuguese is associated with a number of different rapidly growing economies, only a few people actively decide to learn Portuguese. This simply denotes that as more and more Portuguese-speaking jobs turn out to be available, there Is going to be less competition for such roles.

One of the main reasons for less competition is that it is going to be a lot tough to learn Portuguese than it is to learn languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, or even Arabic. The language itself is not essentially harder, but it is tougher to find Portuguese classes as well as books as well as online resources.

Sounds mesmeric 

You know when someone talks in Portuguese,  it sounds really mesmeric and romantic. Portuguese has numerous vowel sounds than Spanish, as an example. This simply means that Portuguese is a lot more musical. The point is when your child will learn this language, he is going to speak this language fluently. It would sound massively pleasing.


To sum up , you can check out short stories in Portuguese and ensure that you learn this language without any hassle. In simplest words, there is absolutely no harm in learning this language!