The conversations around the safety of employees at workplace have only recently picked up the pace. Thanks to a life-changing pandemic and Generation Z’s workplace practices, organisations globally have become aware of the loopholes n their safety policies.

The notion of Workplace Health and Safety is not restricted to physical safety. Today it extends to the realm of mental health as well. The newer generation that makes up the larger part of the workforce is conscious of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to ensure good mental health.

You may wonder how mental health affects the Safety of Employees at Workplace? Is there a real connection between them? Well, the most basic reason linking mental health with workplace safety is as follows: Poor mental health often impacts an individual’s attention and concentration levels. This opens the door to workplace accidents, especially in factories and manufacturing units where workers are needed to operate machinery.

Thus, it is vital to promote a good safety culture that targets both physical and mental safety. But before we dive into how can you promote safety behaviour, let’s first look at some statistics to understand the real scenario.

Statistics on Workplace Safety

  • More than 84% of all non-fatal injuries involving days away from work are because of slips, falls, overexertion, body reaction, and contact with equipment.
  • Every year, there are approximately 340 million workplace mishaps and 160 million casualties of work-related illnesses.
  • The rate of workplace injury for men working in the private sector is 7% higher than for men working in government roles.
  • The International Labor Organisation reports state that nearly 2.3 million people globally die every year on account of a work-related injury.

The statistics above demonstrate the impact of workplace injuries on organisations. One can only imagine the aftermath of the death of these employees on their families. Thus, as an employer, you must keep your work family safe and secure.

Let’s look at ways to promote the Safety of Employees at Workplace.

Promoting Safety Behaviour of Employees

  • Introduce health and safety courses: Many organisations have partnered with organisations like the British Safety Council India to introduce workplace health and safety training sessions. These courses cover everything the members of your organisation need to know about safety at the workplace. They attempt to address all aspects like what is workplace safety, why you should promote it, what are some workplace practices you can introduce, and how you can continue them.
  • Schedule safety audits: Safety audits are routine audits that uncover potential harms and safety issues in your workplace. They are best if conducted by a third party because an external partner brings objectivity and a fresh perspective. These routine audits will ensure that your workplace meets the necessary benchmarks and that your employees are practising safety behaviour. Reports from the audits also help to make relevant changes in the existing practices and policies.
  • Bring in an organisational psychologist: Organisational psychologists are equipped with the skills necessary to determine employee wellbeing at work. This will help you figure out how happy your employees are and what can you do to promote a good work culture at your organisation. You can also set routine reviews of each employee by the psychologist to screen for any potential mental health illness. Once you know that a certain employee or a worker needs assistance, you can reach out to them.
  • Run a survey: Your employees may possibly know more about the day-to-day dangers of their job than you. Thus, it is wise to ask them for the same. You can run a survey or hold short interviews for the same. Once you have the answers, compile them together, determine the pattern, and discuss solutions.

The British Safety Council India is a forerunner in Occupational Health and Safety. Their five-star occupational health and safety audit is a powerful first step towards promoting safety at your workplace. It measures your organisation against the latest standards and practices across 6 indicators, providing objective results.

British Safety Council India stands true to their tagline: No one should be injured or made ill through their work. There is no better organisation you can partner with to keep your employees safe.


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