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The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus has been an incredibly configurable and famous 5.56 rifle that truly scratches that tingle for individuals who need some different option from a standard AR-15. Nonetheless, when it comes time to do upkeep on the Virtus, numerous clients have griped that while shooting from a hindrance or other upheld position, the handguard arm slings would flex essentially making your joined laser gadget lose zero in any event when minor tension is being applied. The new patent forthcoming Arisaka Zero Retention Clamp (ZRC) incredibly diminishes no shift to lasers and handguard mounted iron sights holster with this adaptation explicitly intended for the MCX Virtus furnished with either the SIG Sauer SD handguard or Midwest Industries Suppressor M-LOK handguard.

New MCX Zero Retention Clamp (ZRC) SD from Arisaka Defense

The MCX Virtus handguard is gotten to the collector by a grating fit the opening. On each side close to the lengthy beneficiary top rail. And a solitary steel fitting held set up by the front takedown pin. This permits the handguard to flex fundamentally. Causing a laser or front sight zero to change when minor strain is applied. To the handguard. A shift of 5 mils or more is conceivable by pushing on the handguard with your help hand while the rifle is carried. Furthermore, the zero doesn’t necessarily in all cases return to its unique position whenever pressure is taken out from the handguard.

Sig Sauer has settled this issue on the new MCX SPEAR by including. A clasp on each side of the handguard that safely secures it to the upper collector. The Arisaka ZRC assumes a comparable part for the MCX Virtus by adding. Outside clips that string into an extraordinary U-section. The U-section connects with the lengthy upper recipient under the handguard holster. This gets the handguard firmly to the upper recipient across two pivots. Significantly decreasing or in any event, taking out zero shift. The U-section doesn’t contact the barrel or gas framework, safeguarding the free-drifted barrel.

Handguard Custom Shoulder Holsters

The ZRC braces are formed to furnish negligible obstruction with the client’s hands while holding the handguard. On the SIG Sauer SD custom shoulder holsters handguard, the braces fit over the rhombus formed vents, while on the Midwest Industries silencer M-Lok handguard they possess one M-Lok space in the top column. Each brace is marked for the side and direction, making establishment simple.

The Arisaka MCX ZRC is sold at the cost of $49 from the Arisaka Defense holster store. It arrives in a solitary tone (dark anodized) and is accessible. For either the SIG Sauer SD Handguard or the. Midwest Industries Suppressor M-LOK handguard. Inform us as to whether you’ve encountered it. Any flexing with your MCX Virtus handguard and on the off chance. That you figure this could really tackle the issue for you down in the remarks underneath.