Appliqués And Digitized Embroidery

Digitized embroidery is the art of sewing pre designed patterns directly on a cloth with threads of different colors using a digital machine. Appliqué is a patchwork technique which involves sewing one piece or patch of cloth onto another, larger cloth surface. Both the methods are used to add a dimension and some texture to a particular design on the cloth. It can be used for multiple purposes like branding by using a logo, displaying an image, or even adding embellishment to cloth or apparel.

So how do you choose between both?

Consider these questions.

  1. Does the Design have Different Patterns And Textures

If you wish to create a design which uses a combination of patterns and textures, it is better to opt for an appliqué. For example, with an appliqué you can use animal prints on the design, or use a shimmer cloth to give a glossy finish to your design. The appliqué is a separate piece of cloth which is added onto another surface; it is designed as a whole and then sewn onto the fabric along the edges. Thus it is possible to use a combination of fabrics, prints, and designs on an appliqué.

  1. Does the Design Involve Text Fonts?

If your business logo is a text based one, it is ideal to choose digitized embroidery. The embroidery digitizer can assist you with a variety of fonts to create your logo design. With digitized embroidery, the text logo will be sewn on the cloth directly with individual lettering, rather than having a patch of text sewn onto the material. Digitized embroidery gives textual content a better finish and looks well-designed, professional, and can be clearly read.

  1. What is the Fabric?

Digitized embroidery designs can be sewn over a large variety of fabrics. Digitized embroidery involves a large number of stitches for the entire design whereas for an appliqué, a patch of cloth is sewn on only around the edges. Certain fabrics are better suited for digitized embroidery, while in some cases appliqués might be a better option. If you are unsure, check with a professional digitizer which technique would be best for your fabric.

  1. Does the Design Involve Large Patterns?

Digitized embroidery first digitizes the image before the embroidery process begins. This boosts the appearance of the image a great deal on the surface after it is embroidered. The use of threads on cloth seamlessly blends the colors and patterns with the cloth fabric itself. Hence for a large image or design, such as across the back of front of a shirt, embroidery digitizing would work as the ideal option.

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