Sandhan Valley is one the most beautiful natural wonders in India. One of the most difficult and dangerous trek routes is through this deep canyon, located in the Sahyadri Mountains. Because the valley’s floor is not lit by sunlight, it is known as the Valley of Shadows. The Sandhan Valley can be found near Bhandardara (which is near Igatpuri). The Sandhan Valley Trek is not just a trekking trip. It is also a complete package, which includes rock climbing, rappelling, bonfires and star-gazing camping.

Essentials of the Sandhan Valley Trek

The gorge is located near Samrad Village, Ahmednagar , Maharashtra.

Distance to Sandhan Valley Trek: 12 kms Altitude: 2 kms Long and 200 feet Deep. The whole trip takes approximately 5 hours. Inexperienced hikers should not attempt this trek.

The budget estimate does not include expenses like transportation and food. If you purchase an all-inclusive package through a travel operator, you can save INR 3000-4000.

Trekking Route to Sandhan Valley

Samrad is the starting point of the trek. For the first few hours, you will walk through shallow water bodies. This path will descend for the entire length. Tarzan Swing Point will eventually be reached. Here is where you will rappel. If you don’t want to rappel, you can go on without rappelling.

A rope ladder will also be used to climb, and you’ll see caves ahead. Then, you will go on a hike among the rock patches. You will need to cross deep water pools in this area. You will then come across some large rocks through which you can find the camping area. You can also see Ajoba Hill and the Bann pinnacle from here.

One of two routes will be used for the return trip. For the return trip, you can either take the same route as to get there or follow it. For the second, continue forward and descend along the gentle slopes to continue trekking through forest. You’ll eventually arrive at Diane village. From there, you can catch a bus to Asangaon.

You can hike uphill to the three forts: Alang, Madan and Kulang if you feel the need. It is recommended that you rest at Bhandardara for at least one day before you attempt these forts.

What are benefits of Sandhan Valley Trek

One of the greatest parts about living here is being able to see the sky and, if lucky enough, the shooting stars. It is a beautiful place to camp. A 200-foot-long opening created by a 15 foot-wide wall gives you the best view of all the sky. You should not drink the steam that begins the journey. Safe drinking water is available from the stream.

Visitors from all parts of the country flock to this trip because it offers a unique experience. This little getaway with nature is a great experience, especially considering our busy city lives. It is true.

What is the best time of year to visit Sandhan Valley

This adventure is possible without any time restrictions. You can take this adventure at any time of the year. You will not be able to enjoy the ride if the temperature goes up. You will burn the most energy by having to endure the heat. It is best to plan your trek in the autumn, winter, or monsoon seasons.

How to reach the Sandhan Valley Trek’s Start Point

Take the train from Mumbai to Kasara (or Igatpuri) once you have arrived. Once you reach Kasara, you can take a shared jeep from there to Samrad Village. Sandhan Valley is an area.

The Valley of Shadows is also known as Sandhan Valley. Its deep ravines are darkened by lack of sunlight. It is beautiful, but it is rocky. The rugged beauty of the valley makes it ideal for hiking. Many adventurers flock to Sandhan Valley, Sahyadri Mountains. Although it’s not an easy journey, once you complete the trek, you will feel accomplished. This trek has received positive feedback from previous trekkers. Take it into consideration for your next adventure.