Bungee Jumping is an extreme adventure sport that involves the person jumping from a great height while being connected to a large elastic cord. You feel the adrenaline rush when you take the jump and the sense of the free fall will remain in your memories for years to come. Being straddled up in a harness, and falling from metres above the ground, bungee jumping will let you see the world from a different perspective. So if you have overcome your fear of heights and are ready to let your inner kid have a thrilling adventure, then this is the sport for you! Once you experience this thrill, you will become a lion and would want to do it over and over again.

Below are some of the best bungee jumping places to try out in India

 Bungee jumping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is well known for its adventure activities, one of which is bungee jumping. Rishikesh has India’s biggest jumping points for bungee jumping. It’s about 83 m high and is performed in Mohan Chatti village near Rishikesh. They have professional masters specifically flown from New Zealand to Rishikesh to guide and perform such tremendous acts making it safe and secure. These experts and highly trained professionals will provide you with the necessary guidance along with having your ankle and chest safely secured and tied to a rope before jumping. There have been around 80000 jumps performed at Rishikesh without any failure to date

The whole setup is located between a valley that would swell your heart with thrill. There are coach services provided to customers to take them to the jumping point.


Entry ticket- Rs 100

Bungy jump- Rs 3550

Wanderlust in Delhi

Situated in Delhi, wanderlust has trained staff and equipment from Germany and is India’s oldest sports company. They have won 9 National awards and guarantee 100% safety. Since the past 18 years, they have conducted around 50000 jumps safely and successfully. They offer crane jumps from the height of 52 metres. Any adventurer from the age of 14 to 50 yrs. is allowed to perform and experience this thrilling sport. They provide a triple safety system including waist harness, airbags for bungee, and foot harness making it an extremely safe choice. Before having the jump, you will be asked to fill out a form that would examine your health issues and sign a declaration of sound health and indemnity. Jumpers over 50 will be required to have a doctor’s certificate.

Expenses- Rs 3000 per head

Ozone Adventures in Bangalore

Located on St. Mark’s Road in Bangalore, ozone adventures are the most popular venue for bungee jumping in the tech city of India.

The whole apparatus is fastened securely to a 40 m high mobile crane using a standard elastic rope which is a braided shock cord that would be tied to the ankle of the jumper. The jumper should be a minimum of 18 years with a minimum weight of 35 kg and a maximum weight of 110 kg. People with a heart condition, epilepsy, high blood pressure, pregnant women, and diabetes are avoided.

Expenses- Rs 400 per head

Gravity adventure zone in Goa

Located near the most popular beach near Goa, the Anjuna beach, the Gravity adventure zone gives you a thrilling experience in bungee jumping, opening up various vistas of gorgeousness and mesmerising landscapes. They are the 1st ever bungee jumping club in Asia that have a permanent 25 m long crane installed by a company that is US based, Sports Tower Inc. The special thing about this club is that after the jump this place gives you a certificate to boast off to your friends! They have well-trained staff and instructors that are there to guide you and keep you secured with excellent safety equipment so that you can perform and feel the thrill of this courageous sport

Expenses: Rs 500 per head

Della Adventures in Lonavala, Maharashtra

Della Adventures is situated in Lonavala, a small hill station situated near the outskirts of Pune. The jump takes place at the height of 150 ft and lasts up to 7-10 mins. This club allows people aged above 10 years and weighing a minimum of 35 kg. there would be experts present on the spot who would explain to you all the safety measures.  If you are a true adventure lover, Della isn’t a spot that you should miss. They also provide a photo gallery team that would capture and record your moments and you can preserve those memories to cherish forever!

Expenses: Rs 1500 per head.