Telephone systems have long served as the foundation of commercial communication. The global epidemic has shown businesses that adaptability to work virtually is crucial for an organization’s success.

With digital communications, the need to hire a dependable cloud service provider has magnified exponentially. Choosing a cloud-based PBX over on-premise call center telephony solutions is unquestionably the better alternative.

Why would any company in India choose cloud-PBX? Given its hosted call center solutions feature, there are minimum or no installation costs, speedy setup, and no interruption.

What’s A Virtual PBX System?

A virtual PBX is an innovative phone system that is inexpensive, simple to operate, and reachable from anywhere. Although it works with mainstream business telephones and lines, it relies on internet service to maintain the telephony line connected. With a virtual PBX system, you can route calls, establish conference calls, generate greetings, and more.

If your business is switching from a traditional to a virtual PBX system, check out these top hosted call center solutions in India for your business calls!

Vibtree Technologies 

Vibtree is among the quickest rising cloud telephony providers in 2022, providing services such as cloud-PBX, customized IVR, Toll-Free numbers, Bulk SMS, call surveillance, and international call forwarding.

Their cloud-based PBX system is simple to set up, reliable, and cost-effective, making Vibtree ideal for small and emerging businesses. The cloud-based PBX enables you to easily handle workflow and customer interactions.

Features Offered By Vibtree:

  • Multi-device support.
  • Built-in video conferencing.
  • Auto-attendant, including auto call recording and call queuing.
  • Low-cost maintenance.
  • Call quality monitoring


Aavaz FreePBX ranks among India’s top FreePBX system providers. It provides small to medium-sized organizations with hosted call center solutions. Through Aavaz FreePBX, you can reroute calls, set up teleconferences, and make greetings, among other things.

Aavaz enables you to effectively organize your telemarketing operations by handling leads and following up on prospective buyers. Aavaz is a completely integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and dialer with various voice options to satisfy various corporate requirements.

Features Offered By Aavaz:

  • Customizable, scalable, and all-in-one cloud phone system.
  • Managing inbound and outbound calls.
  • Multi-language support.
  • FreePBX System
  • Administrative call center/ training.


Ozonetel is predominantly a virtual PBX provider for small enterprises. It is cost-effective and does not entail renting, so you get the full benefit of your talk time.

Businesses can combine the complete call center solutions with email and SMS to follow up on phone calls. Small businesses can use the Ozonetel Cloudagent Lite PBX solution to manage customer calls according to their needs.

Features Offered By Ozontel:

  • Queue And Routing.
  • Campaign management.
  • Omnichannel routing.
  • Power dialers.
  • AI-Based features.


Nextiva is another popular choice among India’s top PBX providers since they provide greater services that combine perfectly with their other products. They provide a full solution for phone systems.

Nextiva’s virtual phone system helps businesses to connect their phone lines to their mobile phones. The ease of their services eliminates the need for any further setup.

Features Offered By Nextiva:

  • Cloud-based VoIP phone system.
  • Video, voice, conference, and SMS communication.
  • A mobile app for remote access.
  • 99.99% uptime with reliability and security.
  • Call routing and recording.


Exotel is an internet-based company phone system that enables businesses to manage telephony, Text, and VoIP communications from any location. Marketing, customer support, logistics, and collection teams use Exotel’s industry-customized hosted call center solutions and exclusive products to revolutionize engagement efforts across client journeys.

Exotel’s hosted call center solutions are easy to operate and need minimum infrastructure. It also gives performance data to assist customer-facing agents in improving their results and reporting features to give management a better view of daily sales and support functions.

Features Offered By Exotel:

  • Unlimited Channels.
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Voice streaming.
  • Visual drag-drop dashboard.
  • Call recording.


Now that you know the top virtual PBX system providers in India choose one that meets your business calls because telephone systems have become the cornerstone of every business communication!

Contact Aavaz, India’s biggest free VoIP PBX server provider, if you’re prepared to adopt modern, customizable call center solutions for your business’s present and future demands. Start your business’s virtual PBX system journey with Aavaz today!