UK admissions

Your dream to walk into a top college or university in the UK is just a click away. You may
want to pursue higher studies in Finance, Arts, or business and more in either Oxford or
Cambridge. Dreaming is one thing, and taking a right and timely course of action is
completely another thing. To get through the UK admissions, what do you need to do? If you
find it overwhelming to select the university or course and then fill up the application, help is

Hudson Academy has experience in helping students through the process of admission in the
US and the UK. It also can help students pick the major, or prepare for the interviews, and
more. All said, what is the brouhaha about the interview process ahead of admission?

Primary Aspects of the Interview

Interviews are a crucial aspect of the UK Admissions process. You have to face the
university panel and answer the questions. Based on this, you will be able to get admission,
and hence, your answers and presence of mind will all need to work.

Here are a few tips to help you understand the process better.

Be Informed: Learn about the kind of questions that universities or colleges usually ask. You
may find help about the same from UCAS Track online. Invest some time to know about the
teachers or more about the college.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open: Look around the online college sites for the interview
dates. In some cases, you may get the information through UCAS.

Accept the Time and Date: In the busy enrollment season, colleges may have their
calendars full. So, there will be no chance for you to reschedule the time or date given to you.
Accept the same and move ahead for the interview.

Stay in Touch with Your Subject: Most of the time, there will be a subject–matter expert on
the interview panel. They would ask you questions related to the same. For instance, if you
are looking for a course in advanced Chemistry or Physics, there would be questions to test
your expertise in the subject.

List out Questions: If you have the interview in a week, plan for the queries you have to ask
the panel. It could be related to the semesters or the scoring pattern. Whatever it is, have them
ready because this will be the first time you will be interacting directly with someone from
the university. You may even ask questions on what they expect from the answers you will
give on joining the course and others.

Practice Mock Interviews: Write down the answers to the generic questions and practice
them in front of the mirror. The questions could pertain to your interest in the subject or why
you chose the subject and your plans.

After you give an interview at a college or a university, note down how well it went. Be
honest and reflect on the answers. Do you like it, or would you like to bring some change in
the following interview? This kind of self-introspective approach will help you do better in
the UK admissions process.