handmade Turkish towels

A lot of handmade Turkish towels are present in the market today. Ranging from various designs and purposes. Its luxurious high quality, lightweight and comforting factor makes it the best choice. Traditionally, Turkish towels are used for Turkish baths; these are usually large and are commonly 80 by 40 inches in size. There are many benefits to owning a Turkish towel, and its favourable qualities are why it is gaining popularity. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • Softness 

Turkish towels are exceptionally soft, as the fabric is longer when compared to others which makes the woven fabric have fewer joints. As the towel is weak, it is ideal for a face towel as it will be gentle on the skin. Also, it is best for kids as it will be good for their delicate skin. Moreover, unlike others, it does not get rough and rugged over time; instead, this fabric gets softer after multiple washes, which makes it long-lasting.

  • Absorbency 

The most important feature of Turkish towels is their ability to absorb fluid. Turkish fabrics are used in many ways nowadays, like towels, scarves, shawls, and many more, so its absorbent feature is only beneficial until it is used as a towel. 

  • Thin and Lightweight 

The above factors, like softness and absorbency, might make you believe that Turkish towels are pretty thick and bulky, but this is not true. Turkish Cotton towels have an extreme softness and are quite absorbent and also thin and lightweight. These factors make these towels easy to use, store and carry while travelling.

  • Elegant  

Turkish Cotton towels are available in different colours with elegant designs to fit perfectly in your room aesthetics. These towels are both comfortable and luxurious.

  • Durable 

These fabrics are tough and durable, which makes them perfect for use. With more help and washes, this towel becomes softer; this long-lasting feature makes this fabric cost-effective.

  •  Versatile 

These have many purposes and can be used as an everyday towel. It can be used as a picnic cloth to be laid on, a beach towel or blanket, a scarf, table cloth, hair, gym or yoga towel, and even sun protection at a beach. These are not a one-time use but a long-term investment; they will not just be kept in the closet as it is but will be used daily.

  •  Eco-friendly In the production of these towels, fewer materials and energy are used. As these dry quickly, it doesn’t catch an order that fast, which adds to the benefit of not washing the material soon. Turkish towels take less space to store.


Handmade Turkish towels have many benefits and are a must for every household and travelling. It is comfortable, soft, and durable with good absorption power, eco-friendly, organic, and biodegradable. These towels can be used in your kitchen and other household usages, along with bathing and shielding, making you feel clean and hygienic.