WiFiKill APK

WiFiKill APK:- WifiKill pro apk is the beta version of the app that could connect to any shared Wifi network and allow you to interrupt the connectivity of other devices. WifiKill Pro is more advanced and enhanced. You can control the network of any WiFi using just your Android phone, and you have the power to remove unwanted users from the WiFi you connected without asking anyone. Tap the download button to download the beta version of WiFiKill APK.

If multiple people share your network and want to know how to disable wifi for other users then it may slow down your speed. To eliminate people out of network, use WifiKill Pro Apk. Wifikill app can kill or cut the user who uses your network without your permission. It is available for Android device.

WiFiKill APK

Download WifiKill Apk

Download and install WifiKill pro 2.3.2 apk app. Many bugs have been fixed, and you have got extra new features as well. Interrupt any connectivity by this app, WifiKill is free of cost.

Download Wifikill Now

If you are looking for older version click the download button

Download version 1.7

Also, download wifi kill for PC

After downloading the app, if you face any error, then check this post to fix the WifiKill error.


  • Monitor the network activity of the devices connected to your network
  • Wifikill can show you download and upload transfer rate of grabbed devices
  • Allow you to kill any individual devices connected at the moment
  • This app will work on tablets too
  • Supports Android 4+ OS


  • Improve process effectiveness
  • We’ve fixed the Ip log killing problem
  • Grab all button set
  • Fixed Force-Close when device name was empty
  • Fixed Service Fail on start

WifiKill Pro Apk for Android

Before downloading this make sure you’ve allowed the unknown sources from your android setting

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Security and then enable Unknown source.

Allowing Unknown sources can allow the downloading from third party websites

How to use WifiKill pro apk

To use app, you need a rooted phone although you can use Wifikill unrooted as well

  1. Locate the downloaded file and install it
  2. Open the app click on the play button at the top
  3. Allow the Super Su root access
  4. Grab the devices and kill

Now you can use it on every single Wifi network where your Android device is connected.