Cakes are already very tasty. When they are created in a heart shape manner or beautifully carved in designs, they look the most attractive. You must have seen the red velvet cake in heart shape in the local market but here we have multiple varieties of cake in heart shapes. These are delicious delights by which you can surprise your loved ones. This website, Oye Gifts provides the option of the fastest delivery of gifts to the desired location in India. You can send cake delivery to Delhi by using this online portal. Stylishly designed cakes in heart shapes are available as per your choice. Let us explore the options:

The red rose heart cake

This is a delicious cake which is made up of chocolate. The cake is given the shape of a heart with the decoration of Red roses on one side. These roses are made of strawberry cream. The attractive decoration is done on the surface using patterns and designs in chocolate syrup. A beautiful bow is created with the help of white chocolate near the layer of roses. This gift is perfect to surprise your best friend or partner.

The Black forest cake

Heart shape black forest cake is one of the tastiest recipes. This cake is created using a chocolate base and cream. Chocolate pieces and chocolate shavings are spread on the surface of the cake. Many cherries are placed at some distance on this surface. Enjoy the tasty cake with the flavour of cherries.

The strawberry cake

One of the most popular cakes is strawberry cake with the flavour of chocolate. This is the cake in red which is coated with strawberry cream on one side and chocolate cream on the other side. This heart-shaped cake is divided into two equal parts with different flavours. The design of flower and leaves are created using strawberry cream. Gift this cake to your favourite people on special occasions.

The chocolate cake with chocolate

You can surprise your friends and family by sending them this chocolate cake which displays the message of Happy anniversary using the white vanilla cream. This is a cake which is layered with chocolate syrup on the surface. Dairy milk chocolates are used to mark the boundary of this heart-shaped cake. They are placed in enclose vicinity all around this beautiful cake.

The pineapple cake

You must have seen pineapple cakes in yellow but this is the special cake which is in white. On one side of this heart-shaped cake, you can see the design of a flower using the pieces of pineapple and cherries. The cake is outlined using pineapple pieces. This cake represents calmness and serenity due to its colour and texture.

The red velvet cake

This is a special cake which is specially made for people who need to avoid sugar.  This Sugar-free cake is ideal for your relatives and elders who are advised not to consume white sugar. This cake is entirely red with the decoration of a beautiful star-shaped flower on one of its sides. Every bite of this cake gives the flavour of red velvet. You can easily send this delicious cake to your elders.

The lovable gift

An elegant bouquet made up of roses and seasonal flowers in the surrounding leaves is the most refreshing gift. In addition to this bouquet, this gift combination contains the heart shape chocolate cake decorated with chocolate syrup. Designs are made out of chocolates. A red cherry contrasts this brown land of cake. This is the most perfect surprise for your loved ones on special occasions.

The romantic cake

This cake is designed with a facility of personalizing it with the photograph of your choice in the event of marriage anniversaries. You can gift this cake to your partner on the special occasion of your marriage anniversary and you can customize it with the most suitable photograph. This is the chocolate cake in design and taste. You can also send this cake as a gift to your friends or relatives on the special occasion of their marriage anniversaries.

The half-heart love cake

This is the delicious cake which is carved out in a heart shape. This cake carries two flavours in itself. The half cake is made of butterscotch flavour while the other half is made of chocolate flavour. There are four available flavours which you can use in this cake. Enjoy the delicious cake of flavours.


Surprise your loved one by sending a heart-shaped cake on the anniversary, birthday or any other occasion. You can make this surprise even better with the fast and timely service of